Monday, August 24, 2009

Woah. I think I have a bad habit of not following through. I started this blog, and don't keep up with it. Even after previous resolutions to be more habitual about posting, I have yet to post in 2 months.
The past few months have been difficult, interesting, and life changing all at once. I turned 21 (not a big deal for those of us who don't drink, gamble, or club haha), suffered the loss of a friend in July, and had an amazing... "God experience" that has taken me to another level in my walk with Jesus Christ. After so many ups and downs, the roller-coaster of love has proven to me once and for all the the one I am to trust with my hear, first and formost is Jesus. I am so in love with God right now and I know this honeymoon feeling is going to last. Things are still not perfect in my life, but they never will be. Bro. Hughes spoke at Camp Meeting in Santa Maria the first week of August, and God dealt with me like never before. Friday morning of the Camp Meeting so many of us stood in the altars broken before God and I know I am not the only one who walked away completely changed and strengthened!

I finished my AA this summer (finally)! However, due to state budgets, I am still taking courses at a junior college. I am working full time, going to school full time, and staying super busy. I will be making a decision within the next month or so to decide what I will do for the Spring semester.

As for this blog.... I doubt more than a few (if anyone) follow my postings. However, my brother's girlfriend and I were discussing an interesting idea. I am thinking of ways to put this blog to better use than just my twice-yearly updates, and I may have found one. If you know me at all, you know I love to shop. Well, it is so hard to find modest clothing nowadays, but every once in a while you strike gold. So I was thinking I would post links to sites that are selling longer skirts, accessories, or any clothing-related "issues" that might be of interest to Pentecostal ladies.

Hope everyone is doing great, and I will TRY to keep updating.

God Bless : )

Monday, May 11, 2009

Twice in Two Weeks!

I am pretty proud of myself right about now. I've posted twice in so many weeks. Well, I sang "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts at my Nana's retirement party on Wednesday. I cried. I'm such a softy now!! On Friday we went to the LONGEST award ceremony for Brock (for the band, really) and Texas Roadhouse for his 18th birthday! I can't believe how old my parents are! JK! Saturday was an AWESOME ladies' retreat at our church. We joined with the Riverbank (White's), Watsonville (White's) and the White's sister's church from Paradise (I can't remember her name). All three of these ladies spoke a bit, with Sis. White from Riverbank being our main speaker. There were also several special songs, including a demonstration with the song "Alabaster Box" that was SO powerful! This sister has the most gorgeous hair! It was so long and had literally NO split ends! I was envious, I must say! But, my hair is growing so who knows!! =] After great church and a delicious meal (Sis. Yandris is an awesome party planner!) Hannah and I went to the mall. Now, I normally don't go to the mall, but I have made two awesome discoveries! New York and Co. sells LONG skirts! I am 5'8" or 5'9" and these (stretchy!) cotton skirts pass my ankle! They have tons of cute skirts (shorter jean and khaki, as well), modest shirts, and a big "active"section that had quarter-length sleeved shirts that I am using for the gym. Best of all, they have huge sales all the time; 60%+ off, and an AMAZING deal where you "spend to save" i.e. take $40 off a $90 purchase. Add that the "spend to save" is happening during my birthday week, meaning an additional 10% off all purchases for 7 days, I will be doing some major shopping in June!! So, I better clean out my closet before then to make room. I have been finding some cute and modest things lately. I know that God is helping me, as silly as it may seem. I have this idea in my head to dress very modestly, and He is making a way for it! =] Sunday was a great service. A sister from my church prayed for me during altar, along with my mom, and God ministered to me. I was needing some answers, and I felt Him guiding my mind. We had fellowship after in the back room, like we often do. The combined effort of Sis. Yandris' tacos and my Papa's tomato salsa...WOO! I was stuffed and fell to sleep full and with a peace that comes only from prayer.

Today I was in one of THE most awe-inspiring prayer meetings ever! Everyone was there, except for two men who had to work. We were all united in our prayers, and the Holy Ghost came down!! Different people took turns leading the prayer, but really, everyone was just crying, speaking in tongues, and praying along. I was just praying, focusing, asking God for an even greater revival, when my pastor's wife asked me to lead the prayer. For a second I was nervous, not really knowing what to say. Then I just started to thank God for the opportunity to express my praise, and the words came out! All the glory goes to God, but when I was praying I felt such an anointing! (We may have a preacher on our hands! JK!!!!) I came home to do my math homework (YUCK!) and got a 90% on my test. MIRACULOUS!! If you know me at all, you know I am the WORST mathematician! I didn't study, and I thought I was going to fail! But GOD helped me here again! I am on CLOUD 9 in love with Jesus more than ever before. He is truely working things out for my good. What the enemy meant for evil, God meant for my good. I know He will continue to strengthen me if I keep doing like I am.

This was a long post, but I just wanted to share this great news with everyone! I pray that God is moving and will continue to move in an even greater way in the lives of each person that may read this! =]

Monday, May 4, 2009

Long Time No Type

Like so many (more important) things in my life, I have let my blogging slack. Not that anyone reads my posts, but... I should still be more committed. I started this blog with good intentions, to write at least once a week. Eight months later I’ve decided to try and renew my resolution. Too many things have happened to even begin to explain everything. Here is a sampling of things that would have made great reading.

November: Pastor moved. Cried for 2 weeks straight. New boy shifts my focus from the drama, for a few days at least , until I realize he is a better friend than potential boyfriend.

December: New Pastor, Bro. Nathan Yandris and Sis. Ramona Yandris are awesome! Finally a break from playing the piano every service. Sis. Kayla Joy O’Bryan is now
Mrs. Aaron Gomes. Meet Anthony at the wedding, start dating shortly after. BLISS. He's more than amazing. I have a new best friend.

January: Start last semester for AA degree. Hearst Castle is gorgeous. Ditch Landmark.

February: Best Valentines possible. Double with Brandon and Tina in an amazing limo. Dinner at Ruth’s Chris and cruising around San Francisco for hours.

March: Start new job back at Taylor Farms. More money and better position this time around, even though it means much less time off. Midterms go ok. Pretty chill month. Successful first-ever Friends & Family day at church.

April: Attend super cute wedding in Visalia for Anthony’s friend. Great Easter service! Youth Convention was a bit charismatic for my taste, but good preaching and seeing friends made it great.

Well, here we are in May. There is so much going on now, as with every summer. I need to get my mom something great for Mother’s Day. My brother, Brock will turn 18 on Friday and he graduates on the 30th. I graduate on May 23rd, finally! I need to apply to Stanislaus… Oh! And I have to call in for Jury Duty on the 26th. Needless to say, I bought a day planner and it is quickly filling up.

I am going to make time to blog because as I’ve said before, it allows me to vent when I’m stressed. In addition, it is much less invasive than Facebook. If I wanted everyone to know the exact second I became single again, or read every comment to every “friend”, I would log in. Until then, I’ll stick to this. Typing my emotions away without really knowing for sure who, if anyone at all, is reading.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Praise on the Mountain 2008

What a weekend! Yesterday was the annual Praise on the Mountain event at Six Flags Magic Mountain in southern California. It was a BLAST! Now, if you've met me, you know I am pretty crazy. However if you know me well at all, you will recall my extreme coasterphobia. I am petrified at the thought of my feet dangling hundreds of feet in the air and plummeting towards the ground at high speeds! I will occasionally push my fears aside and force myself to try to "enjoy the thrill". Well, as P.O.T.M. approached, I decided this would be the year I branched out and rode some really frightening roller coasters. I laughed and held my hands high on three cycles of the Batman coaster. I giggled as the ride operator let out a piercing "Hiii-yahh!" and the Ninja suprised me by not making my stomach drop. *It should be noted that I rode the Ninja three times, as well.* After being so adventurous, I allowed myself to be talked into trying the Scream coaster. As we ticked up the steep climb, and even on the first drop, I thought I had made another hasty mistake. However, I found myself *gasp* with my eyes open, smiling and enjoying the ride! I even have a new appriciation for coaster lovers. I only aspire to have the audacity and love for fear of which many pride themselves. Suffice to say I didn't attempt Goliath (though my brother, Brock, did, and I was so proud of him). The next P.O.T.M. is only 364 days away. Perhaps by then I will have convinced myself that I, too, can be a thrill-seeking coaster lover! (Or at least I can pretend so for a day!)

In my mind, the Batman reigns as King of the 'Coasters!
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It seems like 50 years since I first logged on to Xanga. It was wonderful to vent, explain myself, and read what was happening in the lives of friends here and there. Then, I discovered EveryonesConnected. Thus began the journey that, in most recent times, has taken me through MySpace, Facebook, and finally to the point at which I now find myself. After much controversy over certain sites, I noticed my friends creating blogs. Ever the conscious trend-watcher, I figured it was time to follow suit. I intend to blog often, though the subject will be quite diverse. However, after creating my account and becoming slightly acquainted with the ins and outs of posting, it is now time for me to get ready for church.

Just for fun, I looked up my old Xanga. I hadn't logged in since 2005!